Customs: Implementing the UCC

May 27, 2022

By 2025, the Union Customs Code (UCC) must be fully implemented in every member state of the European Union. However, many countries find themselves struggling with the complexity and size of this regulation.

The implementation process has simply proved challenging to the extent that severe delays are inevitable.

In our next GovTech News episode on Customs, we take a look at the challenges that a range of countries are facing in the process of implementing the UCC. Moreover, we will be uncovering the existing, customs-related solutions available in the market, looking at how they may help countries solve customs issues on a large scale, across territories. 

Joining us in the studio, we have a range of experts sharing their perspectives and best practices, including: 

  • UCC from a Danish perspective: Denmark’s experience with implementing the Union Customs Code – and what other countries can learn from it. 
  • The complexity of the UCC: How are the Dutch dealing with this major complexity, and what is their advice to other countries?
  • UK customs struggles: What EU27 can learn from the Brits in the wake of Brexit. 

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In our upcoming episode, Customs, we take a look at the challenges different countries are facing in the process of implementing the UCC. The first three episodes of GovTech News concerned the fast-evolving phenomen of basic data and how it improves societies for citizens, governments, and organisations alike. 


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