Digital healthcare solutions of the future

October 01, 2021

No other sector has taken as big a leap forward as healthcare in past year and the future is full of opportunities.

The global pandemic continues to show us how vulnerable we all are when exposed to external health threats — and how important it is to be prepared for future risks.

We have already become more adaptable; using innovative solutions and data in ways we could only have imagined a few years ago. And yet we are just getting started. We need to see even more public-private cooperation to continuously build upon the foundation the pandemic has forced us to establish.

Northern Europe can become a pioneer of innovative healthcare solutions — if we are willing to lead the way and utilise the best digital products to manage fully integrated and future-proof IT systems. Various countries have already successfully implemented solutions that support the vision of having the patient in the centre and as an active partner, to secure better, more coherent continuity of care.

To discuss the visions and operation of user-centric solutions, Netcompany are co-hosting a digital event together with the Nordic embassies to look at key learnings from governments across Europe, technology providers and public eHealth organisations.

The speakers include business leaders, trendsetters, and key stakeholders within the healthcare sector across Northern Europe. The speakers will discuss the future of healthcare digitisation, as well as upcoming trends of data sharing and the platform applications that can benefit both societies and individuals.

Organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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