Energy & Utilities | Episode #2

July 28, 2022

Governments across Europe and in the UK are right now considering extending the life of fossil fuels. But this attempt to achieve more affordable energy for citizens and industries alike means going against the global climate-conscious movement, and opposing voices are arguing that investing in renewable energy and better digital solutions is a preferable route to achieving energy that is, not only affordable, but also green. 

The question is: 

Can digital solutions help the world retract from fossil fuels?

In this Episode of GovTech News, we will once again dive into what the future holds for the UK energy market, and how data, digitalisation and innovation can help meet the demands on green and affordable energy. 

To enlighten us, we will be joined by two experts from the energy sector:

  • Mike Hewitt, CTO at Smart DCC, will explain how smart meters and the data they provide can help us use energy more efficiently in the future, by giving consumers and their energy providers a detailed picture of consumption patterns.
  • Afterwards, Laura Sandys, who is Chair of the UK Government’s Energy Digitalisation Taskforce, joins us to share her insights from working with the taskforce, including the increasing importance of data in the energy sector.

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