Energy & Utilities | Episode #3

August 26, 2022

Digital technologies and data use have become indispensable: at work, in our homes and as we travel. Digitalisation and data play an increasingly present – and even crucial – role in modern society, and our ever-increasing need for energy highlights the importance of rethinking how we shape the societies of tomorrow. 

Thus, the following question emerges: 

How can we reimagine society – and what’s the future of fossil fuels?

In this episode of GovTech News, we will once again enter the fascinating world of Energy and Utilities, focusing on digitalisation in society and the role of fossil fuels, investigating how we can keep living our lives and exploring the world in the future – while using less energy. 

For this third and final episode on Energy and Utilities, two experts will join us in the GovTech studio: 

  • Firstly, Mehdi Motaghiani, CEO at Smarter Airports, will talk about how digitalisation can help airports make traveling both easier for customers and more sustainable for the planet. 
  • Afterwards, Phil Grant, partner and energy expert at Baringa, will join us to discuss data use, energy consumption and the role of fossil fuels in our societies.

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In the past episodes of GovTech News, we’ve been focusing on Energy and Utilities to explore the latest trends, best practices, and experiences within the field. You can already watch episode 1 and episode 2 on demand. 

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