How basic data smoothens traffic and loan applications alike

February 17, 2022

Basic data as a means to improving road safety in France, and simplifying applications for bank loans in Norway

In the final episode, we look at how basic data smoothen traffic and loan applications alike.

Basic data | Episode #3

Roeland Allewijn from the Dutch Ministry of Water and Infrastructure unfolds the benefits of open data and the lessons learned from the European BE-GOOD project.

With us from Brønnøysund in Norway, we have David Norheim, Head of Business Development at Brønnøysund Register Centre - explaining how basic data has made it much easier to apply for bank loans in Norway.

Basic data is a vast area to cover. Make sure to watch or revisit episodes #1 and #2, to hear more about the Danish approach to basic data, why it has become such a defining part of digital society, as well as how basic data can improve the healthcare system in Norway and the UK.

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