Offering vulnerable children a future they deserve

March 09, 2021

Investing in vulnerable children is not only an investment in disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities, it is an investment in more resilient societies and inclusive economies.

Almost 27 million children in Europe are at risk of poverty or social exclusion, even in countries of economic growth. Millions of children rely on the support of social workers, and the increased demand puts immense pressure on the ability to support these vulnerable children.

Vulnerable children have complex needs that may require multiple interventions at several points in time. Building resilience is not a singular policy intervention, it spans across childhood and uses a cross-policy approach.

For the first time ever, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom discuss how to pave the way for future societies and next generation municipalities that ensure proper understanding and full support for vulnerable children, to give them the future they deserve.

Organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
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