The Danish approach to basic data

February 03, 2022

How basic data was utilized to make life much simpler for citizens in Denmark

Basic data | Episode #1 

In recent years, data has become a key phenomenon defining our societies. Worldwide, businesses and governmental institutions work together on improving the lives of citizens with help from so-called basic data. And the results are groundbreaking indeed. This is why the deployment of basic data in public services is at the very top of the agenda all over Europe.

As basic data is a vast area to cover, we will explore the subject throughout a series of three online broadcasts where we narrow down our focus and look at how implementing basic data can make a difference for governments, organisations, and citizens alike.

Starting off the series, André Rogaczewski, CEO of Netcompany introduces the theme – basic data – and why it has become such a defining part of digital society.
Afterward, we have Kristian Moeller, Director General at The Danish Agency for Data and Efficiency - explaining how basic data makes it possible to sort out the paperwork of an entire family, all through a single web portal.

Make sure to watch the following episodes, to hear more about how basic data can improve the healthcare systems, smoothens traffic and loan applications alike.

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